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Hi, I'm a major contributer to the Wikipedia, with over 5000 new articles and about 30,000 edits in total. I am personally interested in fusion, and have tried my best to flesh out the articles on the topic... but there's so much work to do! My last articles were on ZETA and Sceptre, and I'm preparing articles on the safety factor, neoclassical transport, Columbus and START.

But much of that work is already here, especially the theory. There's no reason for me to write an article on neoclassical transport, because the one here is so great. I'm weak on theory, but strong on history. So...

  • where did this material come from? The contribs list is thin.
  • would you be interested in contributing back to the wiki if I contribute here?
  • do you have access to any of the reference systems? my access is very limited, I'm a civvy.
  • Pictures? I have so few, and its sad.

Maury Markowitz 21:55, 14 December 2010 (CET)

Hello Maury,

I am happy you are interested in the FusionWiki. Currently, most of the material was entered by myself although there have been significant contributions from colleagues. I'm hoping more of my colleagues will pick up on this and contribute. I am a researcher in the fusion field, and this Wiki is oriented towards colleagues in the field who have access to the scientific journals that are referenced.

You are of course invited to contribute. I have already made (minor and anonymous) contributions to the Wikipedia. Regarding pictures, let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.

User:Admin 9:00, 15 December 2010 (CET)

Sorry for my tardy reply... holiday season! My current interest is in the non-mainline approaches, specifically spheromaks and spherical tokamaks. My main goal is to put articles into the Wiki that are written for the general public -- light on math and heavy on history and general explanation. For instance, I would argue that this article on ZETA is what the wiki needs, while this site might want to be much more heavily skewed towards the theory and performance of the system.
The problem is that some theory is always great. This is especially true in the articles that are more physics related, rather than the specific devices. But my understanding of those topics is limited. I'd love to get a good article on the spherical tokamak up ASAP, but I need help beating it into shape. Would you consider collaborating on an article? If I mock something up would you review it?
As to images, ANYTHING would help! There's very few images in any of the articles. I just got a great one of the kink instability, but I could really use one for the sausage. Maury Markowitz 23:03, 22 December 2010 (CET)
Your ZETA article offers impressive historical detail. You're right that the purpose of this FusionWiki is different - less emphasis on history and background, and much more on scientific detail and technical references. So they could nicely complement each other; indeed you may have noted that the FusionWiki is full of references to the Wikipedia for general background information. I could perhaps help you by checking some technical facts; but regarding history, you don't seem to need any help. Regarding pictures, I may have some, but nice plasma pictures are few and far between (e.g., Paul Bellan has a nice sketch of kink and sausage instabilities in his book, but no photo).
Might I suggest you contact me directly via email? User:Admin 10:45, 27 December 2010 (CET)