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Personal Information

Name: Emilia R. Solano (Emilia Rodríguez-Solano Ribeiro)
Institute: Laboratorio Nacional de Fusion
Address: Av. Complutense 40, E-28040 Madrid, España
Email: emilia.solano at
Phone: +34 91 346 6153

web page:
ResearcherID: Emilia R. Solano A-1212-2009
google scholar profile: Emilia R. Solano

Member of
Board of the European Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
Real Sociedad Española de Física, Spanish Physics Royal Society, RSEF,
Grupo Especializado de Mujeres en Física de la RSEF, GEMF, Group of Women in Physics
Asociación de Mujeres Investigadores y Tecnólogas, AMIT

Interested in Women in Plasma Physics


Theory and Applied Theory in Plasma Physics

JET experimental studies

L-H transition experimental studies in JET: M

Scientific Coordination of analysis task T17-08: L-H transition physics

Found n=0, m=1 up-down magnetic oscillations to appear at the L to H transitions in JET. The magnetic oscillations is only present after the transition. It is also detected by pedestal diagnostics.

Characterising W radiation in JET-ILW plasmas Studied radiation from W ablated into L-mode plasmas.
Found that W propagates into the plasma along a plume. In the core sawteeth dominates W redistribution.There is some evidence that W radiates considerably below 1 keV

Poster and Paper at 43rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Leuven, Belgium, 4-8 July 2016

Study continued in non-sawtoothing plasma.
Poster and Paper P5.157 at 44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Belfast, UK, 26-30 June 2017

Effect of fuelling location on pedestal and ELMs in JET
Found that, with W divertor, fuelling location can affect pedestal Te. Also showing effect of W on pedestal. This is the first experiment that showed that when the outer strike is in the divertor corner (near the pump) the plasma has good confinement, while strike in tile 5 correlates with poor confinement.
Paper P1.006 and Poster of 41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, 23 - 27 June 2014]

Study of high temperature pedestals

Specific experiments were made at JET to study high temperature pedestals, in the range Te_ped ~2.5-5 keV. The idea was to see if the ELMs are qualitatively different when resistivity and collisionality are low. The surprising result of the experiment was a new insight on pedestal stability: with low gas fuelling and low recycling conditions (required to achieve high temperature pedestals) an Outer Mode often appears, delaying ELMs. The outer mode had been assumed to be an ideal kink, unstable in the steep gradient region of the pedestal, which would eventually grow into an ELM. We have now found that the outer mode is a fairly stable current ribbon, lasting as much as 1.5 s, located at the top of the pedestal. There are tantalising similarities with the EHO observed in DIII-D. This could provide a new route to ELM-free operation.

Study of ELMs (Edge Localised Modes)

Pedestal width and ELM size identity studies in JET and DIII-D; implications for ITER M N A Beurskens et al. 2009 Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 51 124051

Study of transport barrier formation and L to H transition

Tokamak Design

  • USTX: the University Spherical Tokamak Experiment design proposal: all of the above, now with predictive EFIT,
    • additional shape control requirements due to effect of transformer currents on inboard plasma gap.
    • stability analysis with DCON
    • design of field null for efficient startup

Detailed design available in USTX_Report_1.pdf and USTX_Report_2.pdf

Committees and honours

  • Member of Science Subcommittee of the Consultative Committee for Fusion Energy (FEAC), advisory committee to the DoE in the USA, co-author of report “A Restructured Fusion Energy Sciences Program”, 1995-96 and “Alternative Concepts, A Report to the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee”, DOE/ER-0690, 1996.
  • Member of the Spanish Physics Royal Society since 2004
  • Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Physics, 2006-08.
  • Chaired the Magnetic Confinement group of the EPS Programme Committee for the 31st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics.
  • Member of Editorial Board of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 2005-2008
  • Elected member of the Board of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society, 2012-

Publications list

First author publications (recent)

  1. Magnetic Phase Transitions in plasmas and transport barriers, Emilia R. Solano & R. D. Hazeltine, Nucl. Fusion 52 114017 (October 2012) PDF
  2. Observation of Confined Current Structures in JET High Temperature Pedestals and Transient ELM Suppression, E.R. Solano et al., 2010 Proc. 23rd Int. Conf. on Fusion Energy (Daejeon, Korea, 2010) (Vienna: IAEA) paper EXS/P3.05.
  3. Observation of confined current ribbon in JET plasmas,E.R. Solano et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 185003 (2010)
  4. High Temperature Pedestals in JET and confined current filaments, E. R. Solano et al., E.R. Solano et al EPS 2010 Oral
  5. ELMs and strike point movements, Emilia R. Solano et al 2008 Nucl. Fusion 48 065005
  6. Criticality of the Grad–Shafranov equation: transport barriers and fragile equilibria by Emilia R Solano 2004 Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46 L7

Named author in JET publications (recent)

  1. "L-H power threshold studies in JET with Be/W and C Wall”, CF Maggi, E. Delabie, T.M. Biewer, ..., E. R. Solano, ... Nucl. Fusion 54 023007 (2014)
  2. "Determination of plasma stability using Resonant Field Amplification in JET", MP Gryaznevich, YQ Liu, TC Hender, DF Howell, M Beurskens, IT Chapman, CD ...E. R. Solano, ... Nuclear Fusion 52 (8), 083018 (2012)
  3. "Analyses of substantially different plasma current densities and safety factors reconstructed from magnetic diagnostics data", F.S. Zaitsev, D.P. Kostomarov, E.P. Suchkov, V.V. Drozdov, E.R. Solano, A. Murari, S. Matejcik, N.C. Hawkes and JET-EFDA Contributors, Nucl. Fusion 51 103044 (2011)
  4. H-mode pedestal scaling in DIII-D, ASDEX Upgrade, and JET M.N.A. Beurskens et al. Phys. Plasmas 18, 056120 (2011)
  5. Summary of the Workshop on Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self-organization in Magnetized Plasmas (EFTSOMP) 2009: 6–7 July 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria S. Zoletnik et al Nucl. Fusion 50 047001 (2010)
  6. Pedestal width and ELM size identity studies in JET and DIII-D; implications for ITER, M N A Beurskens et al. Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 51 124051 (2009)
  7. Pedestal and ELM response to impurity seeding in JET advanced scenario plasmas, M.N.A. Beurskens et al. Nucl. Fusion 48 095004 (2008)
  8. Overview of JET results J. Paméla , Emilia R. Solano and JET EFDA Contributors Nucl. Fusion 43 1540 (2003)
  9. Overview of results and possibilities for fast particle research on JET J. Pamela , et al., Nucl. Fusion 42 1014 (2002)
  10. The formation and evolution of extreme shear reversal in JET and its influence on local thermal transport N C Hawkes et al., Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44 1105 (2002)

Named author in TJ-II publications

Named author in DIII-D publications

CV and Bibliography

  • A long version of my CV in English, following the official Spanish format, can be found here
  • CV of Emilia R. Solano

Education and Appointment history

09/82  : Bachelor Degree in Fundamental Physics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
05/83  : Masters Degree in Physics, for the work "Study of Acoustic Emmission from fatigue-induced crack progation"
10/83-12/86: PhD Scholarship Institute Nuclear Studies, Junta de Energía Nuclear, later called CIEMAT
03/85-03/86: NATO Scholarship for stay at Fusion Energy Division, ORNL, USA
12/86  : PhD Cum Laude from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
05/87-10/90: Postdoctoral Fellow, Fusion Research Center, Univ. Texas, Austin, USA
11/90-06/96: Research Associate, Fusion Research Center, Univ. Texas, Austin, USA
05/97-11/98: Guest Researcher, Max-Planck-Institut für PlasmaPhysik, Garching, Germany
02/99-07/02: CIEMAT Researcher, seconded to JET as Scientific Assistant to JET Director (1999) and JET EFDA Leader (2000-03).
08/02-95/05: Researcher Ramón y Cajal, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain. Part time at JET.
05/05-now  : Research Scientist, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain.

Complete Publication list, (refereed publications only), in chronological order

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