TJ-II:Turbulence driven magnetic islands

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Experimental campaign

2019 Autumn

Proposal title

Turbulence driven magnetic islands

Name and affiliation of proponent

Saddrudin Benkadda et al. (Aix-Marseille University)

Details of contact person at LNF

Carlos Hidalgo

Description of the activity

Enter description here [1], including motivation/objectives and experience of the proponent (typically one-two pages)

International or National funding project or entity

If applicable, enter funding here or write N/A

Description of required resources

Required resources:

  • Number of plasma discharges or days of operation:
  • Essential diagnostic systems:
  • Type of plasmas (heating configuration):
  • Specific requirements on wall conditioning if any:
  • External users: need a local computer account for data access: yes/no
  • Any external equipment to be integrated? Provide description and integration needs:

Preferred dates and degree of flexibility

Preferred dates: (format dd-mm-yyyy)


  1. A. Einstein, Journal of Exceptional Results (2017)

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