TJ-II:Electron Cyclotron Resonant Heating

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Top view of the TJ-II plasma and the injection locations of the two beam lines
Cross sections for the two beam lines, showing the steerable mirrors

In the TJ-II stellarator, the plasmas are created and heated by two 53.2 GHz gyrotrons, each of them delivering up to 300 kW in the 2nd harmonic, with X-mode polarisation. [1] The power is transmitted to the plasma by two quasi-optical transmission lines (QTL1 and QTL2). [2] The power is delivered to the sector B3 (for QTL1) and A6 (for QTL2). The last mirror of each line is a steerable mirror located inside the vacuum vessel, which allows for perpendicular and oblique injection. [3] [4] [5] [6] The gyrotrons can be modulated for perturbative transport experiments [7] and can be used to drive current. [8]

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Panorama showing the TJ-II ECRH system


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