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The TJ-II bolometry system for tomographic reconstruction (sector B7, φ = 255.5 °)

TJ-II has several bolometry systems [1] [2]

  • Three 20-channel pinhole cameras in sector B7, monitoring the same poloidal section and used for tomographic reconstructions [3][4] of the total plasma emissivity. [5] Signal names in the TJ-II database: 'BO101' ... 'BO120', 'BO201' ... 'BO220', 'BO301' ... 'BO320'.
  • Three 16-channel cameras in sectors A7, C2, D7. Signal names in the TJ-II database: 'ABOL1' ... 'ABOL16', 'CBOL1' ... 'CBOL16', 'DBOL1' ... 'DBOL16'.
  • Six global bolometry monitors. Signal names in the TJ-II database: 'BOL1', 'BOL3', 'BOL6'; 'BOL2', 'BOL5', 'BOL7'.


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