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Scientific Programme Committee

Daniele Bonfiglio (Consorzio RFX, Italy)

Irina Borodkina (IPP/CAS, Czech Republic)

Jeronimo Garcia (IRFM/CEA, France)

Yevgen Kazakov (LPP-ERM/KMS, Belgium)

Taina Kurki-Suonio (Aalto University, Finland)

Sarah Newton (CCFE, United Kingdom)

Felix Parra (PPPL, United States)

Paolo Ricci (SPC/EPFL, Switzerland)

Emilia Solano (LNF/CIEMAT, Spain)

Christos Tsironis, chair (NTUA, Greece)

Jose Luis Velasco (LNF/CIEMAT, Spain)

Alessandro Zocco (IPP Greifswald, Germany)